BIM coordination of Doha Major Stations in charge of One Works (Milan, Doha) as project leader. The companies inside the process were Parallel Digital (Roma) for BIM management, HSS (Chennai) as modeler, Inhabit Group (Hong Kong) as lighting design. With the support of previous experiences Parallel Digital designs a strategy, the BIM Implementation Plan. The goal, to develop the BIM strategy, was to define audit procedures for the modeler team and ensure the workflow between Chennai, Hong Kong, Doha, Milan and Rome. In the first phase, about 2 months, was represented the work already done by a previous company in RVT format. Based on existing models for other stations, it was established a basic model strategy, following an advanced model checker system to provide the client the requested quality. In the second phase, about 3 months, was managed the data extraction from the models and the interoperability between the different disciplines. In order to obtain the necessary material to execute the project in an efficient and integrated manner, it was necessary to upgrade the strategy. The result was to obtain in 5 months the BIM model, BOQs, Clash detection and drawing productions in a LOD 300.

di M. Sarrocco, A. Reina Rojas - Parallel Digital s.r.l.