The present work constitutes a significant and innovative step in the testing of solutions for the interaction with digital facsimiles, in particular it investigates the potential of Mixed reality applications for the communication of three-dimensional modelling projects. In this case, the 3D reconstruction of the Rocca-Torrione complex by F. di Giorgio Martini in Cagli is the exemplar case study on which is possible to test the principles of the reference charts in the field of Digital Cultural Heritage (DCH) but also to reflect on methodologies of storytelling for the tangible and intangible heritage. Furthermore, these studies, together with the local and regional networks, represent the precondition for the creation of a Study Centre on Francesco di Giorgio Martini which will be based in Cagli.

Paolo Clini, Ramona Quattrini, Romina Nespeca, Mirco D’Alessio
Università Politecnica delle Marche