This paper presents the results of a research aimed at demonstrating the potentialities and cur-rent limits of some BIM-based approaches in the field of Facility Management. Today the man-agement and interpretation of large amounts of data of different nature and disciplinary scope is one of the most relevant problems in the definition of new and more efficient information manage-ment processes in the construction sector. 

Two different processes are compared for the acquisition and management of the parameters needed for the asset management phases of existing school buildings. The first method involves the compilation of schedules within the BIM authoring software by means of an appropriate mapping of the parameters with reference to the information exchange scheme established by COBie (Construction-Operations Building Information exchange); the second method uses a spe-cific software for FM, dRofus, which is able to create a direct link with the BIM authoring software for the bi-lateral writing of the parameters. Through a comparative analysis, the results of the case study G. Rodari Primary and Infant School in Florence are discussed.

Daniela De Luca, Francesca Maria Ugliotti
Politecnico di Torino