The research, promoted by the DAda-LAB Laboratory of the University of Pavia, aims to structure a methodology and an operational protocol for the documentation of water canals in the Pavia territory. This protocol appears necessary to optimize the various phases that characterize both the documentation activities and the three-dimensional graphic representation of the agricultural territories of the flat land and their canalization networks through information systems.

The study evaluates the most functional procedures to respect a infographics conformity in the building of reliable 3D models. 

The investigation activities see the construction of digital atlases on the elements that constitute the landscape.

The result aims to product an informatic system to promote territory knowledge. This product qualifies as a documentary corpus made up of models, census data, and more generally of information systems connected to point clouds and 3D surveys. The result allows obtaining technical information, functional to administrations and consortia to simplify and improve the management of the territory, with economic and productive advantages.

Sandro Parrinello, Silvia La Placa
Università degli Studi di Pavia, DICAr – Dipartimento di Ingeneria Civile e Architettura