Artificial Intelligence, H-BIM and collaborative reality-based platforms for the annotation of digital architectural heritage
V. Croce 

Digital models for built heritage representation and management
S. Cursi, L. Martinelli, F. Calcerano, M. Calvano, L. Cessari, E. Gigliarelli

Revixit Aquinum. How technologies can enhance cultural heritage
T. Empler, V. Malakuczi, G. Murro               

Enriched cooperative systems in HBIM platforms for the management of cultural heritage
A. Sanseverino, S. Antinozzi, A. di Filippo                   

Non-regular serialities: imperfect recurrencies in the HBIM model
G. M. Valenti, A. Martinelli                   

Depth of information content in HBIM procedures
E. D’Angelo, M. Calvano